Privacy Policy

Welcome to Katella! We try to keep our privacy policy as simple and honest as can be. Rest assure, your privacy is important to us.

We store name, email, password (that you created) to log you into Katella. Your password is fully encrypted and utilized one-way hash, so no one including our staffs will have access to it.
We keep your timezone to determine the correct time for calendaring purposes.
For your convenience, we use secure cookies so you don't have to log in every time.
Katella integrates with third-party services (Google Calendar, Github, Salesforce ...), so we need to store the access credentials to each service. The credentials are per user, and are never accessible to another individual (including your company's admin).
Note that we only store the access tokens to these Services. Usernames & passwords for these Services are never sent to us, and we do not have access to them.
All communications between Katella and third-party services are transacted through industry-standard SSL.
We do not store any data from third-party services. All data is securely delivered to the users from the third-party services (with Katella acting as a pass-through).
Katella stores unknown utterances (i.e sentences you entered that Katella did not understand) to retrain the algorithm. This does not include personal information and is used strictly to improve our Language Understanding engine.
We never sell/rent/lend your information to any third party. We store unidentifiable information for analytics and debugging purposes only.
You must be over the age of 13 to use Katella.